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What do you want from me?

Following yesterdays blog about how I can retain and entertain my customers I have been thinking a lot about the parcel our customers receive. This is the one time there is any physical contact between Find Wine and the customer and therefore a crucial time to make and leave a lasting impression. If you have ordered from us you will know that although our boxes look perfectly nice there is nothing extra that get’s your heart racing with excitement (other than the wine of course!).

So what should we include to cement our relationship forever? A spray of my aftershave? A corkscrew with our logo on? Perhaps a grape outfit you can wear to impress your friends? Whatever it is, it needs to make you feel special, it needs to be a constant reminder of Find Wine and it can’t cost very much money!

As it happens I have had an e-commerce frenzy this week and have ordered various things from 4 very different websites. Although this may strike you as a most unusual shopping list I have good reason for buying them all… A jumper from Boden (Yorkshire is cold), Stephen Fry’s new book (for the cold dark northern nights) and The English Patient on DVD (a gift) from Amazon, A large black pudding from the best black pudding producer in the world Charles Macleod in Stornaway (Breakfast) and 3 small glasses with pheasants on them for 99p from Ebay (a long story!).

Rather sadly, this week I have been most excited, not by my new things but by the way in which they arrive on my doorstep. Plus for the purposes of this experiment I am counting myself as being typical, in that I pay very little attention to anything in the box other than what I have ordered.

In every case there was some additional flimflam in the parcel (other than the ebay purchase but that is different!) and I didn’t really bother to read any of it never mind keep it as a memento of my purchase. Boden even inserted something offering me money off my next order. This is great but why do I need to keep a piece of paper when I can do exactly what I did this time and go to some voucher codes website to download a 15% discount. The black pudding butcher inserted a brochure of his products which consisted of black pudding, white pudding or both of the above gift wrapped. Other than providing me with an amusing thing to send someone this Christmas it was of no use and therefore entered the bin at some speed. And I can’t even remember what Amazon provided but I didn’t look at it.

Maybe I am not typical of an online shopper and therefore no use to this discussion. However I know I would be so impressed and excited if I received a genuinely original and useful freebie that I would remember the company forever. But what is the perfect freebie, should it be fun? Functional? An incentive? Or just thought provoking? (well the Chinese have already done this with their cookies!)

Packaging is very important, I have seen things arrive (not for me) from Net- a- porter and they are fantastic, I totally get if you’re are spending a lot of money you want the parcel to make you feel important when it arrives.

But I feel wine boxes should be functional. I would love to send everything in wooden flat boxes but there is a slight cost implication there. And a cardboard box can only be so exciting, even with cool graphics on the side. Therefore it should the the inside that you remember.

My aim is to create the same child like excitement that Charlie (of chocolate factory fame) felt when opening his Wonker bar with the golden ticket inside. I want receiving the insert to be as exciting as receiving the wine itself and different every time!

Unfortunately on this rather rainy Tuesday evening I have not yet thought of the answer…but I will and the next time you take delivery of some of wine you will most likely pour the wine down the drain and keep whatever gift we have given you.

If anyone makes a brilliant suggestion that I simply cannot ignore, I will give you a case of wine.

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2 Responses to “What do you want from me?”

  1. Freya says:

    Try shopping on the website – so many of those sellers are masters of including personalised and unique extras with anything you buy from them.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks very much, it looks like a great site for inspiration.

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