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Wine Writing

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I have been thinking about wine writing a lot recently. Now Christmas has calmed down and we actually have time to think and discuss developments we have been considering our tasting notes, how we can improve them and what customers actually want to read about. Our constant mission that we have mentioned on numerous occasions is that we want to make wine accessible, easy to understand and most of all FUN!

However the challenge with writing about wine, even if it is just a 50 word tasting note for the website is to avoid using terminology that is too generic but also not to too abstract that nobody has a clue what on earth you are up to. Also it seems all too easy with wine to get geeky and technical without ever talking about what the stuff actually tastes like. Whereas some customers will understand the significance of steep slopes, gravel etc the reality is that most really don’t care as long as it tastes good.

So somewhere between “jammy, red fruits and heavy” and “Harvested on a full moon from a vineyard based on chalk, where the weather is hot during the day and cold at night. On the ay of blending the wine makers dog had a mild headache”. It sounds easy, it is not!

However some do make a career out of it, some are highly successful from a lifetime of drinking and writing but do they give a fair reflection of what you want from a wine? There are some that argue that tastes and preferences of highly trained wine writers are simply too sophisticated to write about everyday drinking wines. I would disagree with this to some extent, I do believe if someone has got a good palette then they can pick out better wines, irrelevant of price…It might just be that they are not so interested in drinking those wines when they get home after a long day tasting.

However tastes of course vary enormously and even the most highly trained wine buff cannot know what your personal tastes and preferences are, unfortunately mind reading is not on the MW course! So should we listen to our friends when it comes to wine. Even friends with know formal wine knowledge would more likely suggest something far more suitable for you than Robert Parker.

Wine is so wonderfully varied and can be looked at in so many ways, someone who knows nothing can just as easily recommend and enjoy wine as someone who has spent a lifetime learning about it.

This forms the basis of our new competition. We want to find a wine writer who can make wine writing fun and creative, a consumer who can talk to other consumers! We will be giving away 25 bottles for free to our customers. The deal is they must enjoy the wine with 5 friends each and everyone must write a 50 word review of the wine. The funniest and most creative will become the Find Wine Writer for 3 months and receive a free bottle of every new wine we add to the website so that they can review it for other customers.

For your chance to get your hands on 1 of the 25 bottles be ready, be very ready to enter!