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We Have Our Very Own Critic!

Over the past few months we have been on the hunt for our very own wine critic. We wanted someone who wasn’t going to confuse our customers with ridiculous simile and metaphor. Someone who was going to say it straight, keep it simple and keep it fun!

Unfortunately Alan Sugar was not available to work as our wine critic so instead we decided to launch a competition amongst our customers to find one. With the promise that they would receive all our new wines for free for review. It is truly remarkable how many more people read my my emails when it involves giving out free wine!

As mentioned in the previous blog, they were each to receive bottle of The Opportunist Shiraz, share it with some friends and review it as if their life depended on it! Some of the results are posted on our Facebook Fan Page wall ( did I mention, if you  “like” us you get chance to win a free case a month!). Click here to read some of the reviews and see how attractive our customers are! It is also remarkable how many of our customers seem have their own wine blogs!

After some painful deliberations we have finally chosen our winner…. Richard Saxton from Birmingham, a lawyer by day and demon wine reviewer by night!

You will have plenty of chance to read his work over the next 3 months as he sets about reviewing our latest offerings on this blog. In the mean time you can check out his stuff on his own blog here

So there it is, our experiment is underway, is a wine consumer far capable of successfully recommending wine than a professional critic. The proof will be in the pudding or the writing! You will be his judges!!!

Watch this space to see him at work.

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