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Lalla Gully Riesling, Australia, £9

A fragrant little number from Tasmania, Australia, with a playful initial spritz on the tongue. There are lovely lime notes on the palate with a cheeky hint of marshmallow. It’s not an overly aggressive Riesling and is enormously drinkable. The nose is like a passing whiff of flowers and citrus fruits rather than having your head dunked into a bucket of lime juice.

I sometimes find Aussie Rieslings a little strained in their efforts to be as lime infused as possible, and as a result this was a welcome change. At £9.00 this is a classy Riesling which will please virtually anyone you choose to offer this to. This wine treads the balance of being interesting without risking offending certain wine drinkers.

A diplomatic Aussie. Who’d have thought it……

One Response to “Lalla Gully Riesling, Australia, £9”

  1. Colin Smith says:

    “Tassy” rieslings are often a bit more sophisticated than their Eden Valley counterparts and this sounds like an ideal example at a pretty decent price.

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