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Archive for June, 2011

Some Young Punks- Passion Has Red Lips 2010!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Last years smash hit wine has returned to our stocks. Here is what our resident wine critic thought about it-

It’s not just any wine that manages to persuade me to break my “No wine on Mondays” rule, but then this is not just any wine!

Let’s be shallow and start with appearances; it looks spectacular. I’m quite a fan of wine labels that dare to be different and this takes it to another level altogether….. The label really leaves you in no doubt that this wine was made by people who had great fun making it and is a wine which you’ll have great fun drinking.

My first impressions having had a quick sniff and a swig were that this wine is still in its infancy but it shows massive promise. If you can bare to hold off opening it for a couple of months (longer if you’ve a heart of stone) you’ll definitely be rewarded. The cassis notes are already present in abundance and this wine is definitely going to be a silky smooth wonder. The 60% Cab Sauv and 40% shiraz are skillfully blended and it’s a wine which puts a smile on your face.

I admire Some Young Punks for their no holds barred approach to wine. It should be about having fun and it should taste great. A big tick in both boxes…..


Heaton-Ellis Bike Polo

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

FindWine is very excited to be sponsoring The Heaton-Ellis Bicycle Polo Tournament on Saturday 25th of June. Not only will a range of our wine be available to buy at the bar but the event will be the first time that The Find Wine Peddlers will compete in public (or at all for that matter!)

It should be a great event and is for a fabulous cause, so if you want to show your support for your favourite wine company then get yourself to Firth Farm in Hampshire (very easy by train from London).

For more information about the charity and the event look here

It would be great to see some support for Find Wine there.