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Passion Re-ignited

Friday, September 16th, 2011

It has been a busy summer, not just with Find Wine but with life generally and as a result I have not actually been thinking about wine too often! I have consumed plenty, probably too much but very little has made me excited, just hung over!

So as the summer draws to a close and a school year begins it is great to get back to thinking about wine that goes beyond just being a drink and what better way to do that than to go out for lunch with Col McBryde, one of the three Young Punks, which I have raved about in the past. I had never met Col before, or any of the other Punks for that matter and what struck me quickly is that first and foremost they are passionate about their wine.

The lunch itself was actually very good, if you ever need a decent feed just off the M62 then turn off at Saddleworth and there is a great pub called the Ram just after the junction. Great food, although be warned Geoff the owner does like his food, we were lucky that when we sat down he had an enormous steak to hand otherwise I fear he would have eaten our party.

If you have not seen a bottle of Some Young Punks Wine then look at them on our site right now (well when you’ve finished reading!) or head to their website. You would be forgiven for thinking that the fancy packaging is a cover up for an inferior product or the whole thing was a gimmick but you could not be further from the truth. These guys are keen as custard to make a cool, stand out brand but what goes inside the bottle is still the most important thing!

What they are making are fantastically individual and innovative wines, something that I fear is lacking in a lot of Australia at the moment. At the beginning of this brief piece I mentioned that it was very great to be back on track of getting excited about a wine rather than treating it just as a drink, Passion Had Red Lips is the perfect tool for this job. These wines make you excited, like a beautifully wrapped gift, you just want to tear away the paper and find out what is inside and then revel in the delicious glory of it.

If you have never bought any of these wines from us, please if you buy nothing else from us all year buy a few from the range, you will not be disappointed. I would love for all our customers to experience that moment of excitement when you first see, smell and taste a Punks wine.

We tried some of last years Passion Has Red Lips, which is tasting glorious after a year in our cellar, some Monsters Monsters Attack riesling, a style more akin to a spatlese than anything else from Clare but gloriously luscious and nectar like. Then the new vintage The Squids Fist came into play with a bang, better than last year, a brave experiment with Austrlian Sangiovese from Barossa but a wonderful wine.

The two new wines we tried were what got me really excited. Double Trouble Love, as much as anything has one of the best names of any wine anywhere and the taste matched up. Then the new superstar in my mind, Naked On Roller Skates, when this arrives with us in a few months, I will happily roller skate naked to drink it. It will be the same price as Passion but in my mind will knock it off the perch as the most popular Punks wine.

This is by no means the most technical wine review I have ever written, in fact I haven’t mentioned anything technical at all, I have just been very enthusiastic. However, somehow the technical element or even grape varieties don’t seem to matter so much in these wines to me. I don’t care how they do it, I just like it! And I want everyone to treat them like that, the moment you analyse them you lose that lovely excitement and enthusiasm, which is what ultimately made these wines not technical research or sticking to the rules.

As ever, I was useless at taking photos of our lunch but here are a couple of their new wines we will be receiving shortly.