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Some Young Punks- Naked On Roller Skates

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

I was about to launch into a witty opening paragraph explaining that if you like your light and elegant wines you should really look away now, but it struck me that this would do this wine something of a disservice. Yes, it’s a bit of a brute but it’s not a big wine just for the sake of being a big wine. This is a fun Aussie wine which is not trying to hide any of its charms.

A little background is probably needed here. I’ve long loved the wines of Some Young Punks winery in Australia. Their labels appeal to my inner child and also to my dislike of boring old fashioned wine labels. I know a wine label isn’t the main thing people look for when choosing a wine, but I bet it makes a big difference to some. The main reason I first tried the Some Young Punks “Monsters, Monsters Attack” Riesling in The Sampler was because the neon green Monster on the label was almost glowing in the enomatic machine. It caught my eye which in my view is an important job for a wine label.

The wines themselves are also excellent. This one in particular has some rather good pedigree behind it given the grapes for this wine come from the Adelina vineyard in Clare Valley. This vineyard adjoins the famous Wendouree vineyard on two sides (home to some of Australia’s most boutique and highly respected wines) and it’s actually a former Wendouree vineyard itself.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that the wine itself oozes class. The flavours are very concentrated and it’s a deep and brooding purple inky colour. It smells like blackberry gateaux which is certainly a good thing in my book. The finish is very long. Seriously, these full on black fruit flavours will be with me into next week…..

The introduction of the 15% Mataro certainly seems to have added a little structure whilst the Shiraz is allowed to run free and provide decadent black fruit notes. This is drinking really well now but I’d love to try another bottle of this in a few years time too just to see how it develops. I suspect it’d age gracefully for a good while yet.

So there you go. A wine which is classy yet menacing. I’d be thrilled if someone said the same about me….

Bodegas Macia De Batle- P.De Maria 2007

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to Spanish red wine? Do you favour Rioja but occasionally wonder whether you should try something like a Ribera Del Duero before swiftly buying even more Rioja? Well fear not, because this could be just the thing you’ve been looking for….

Firstly, you will need to leave the region of Rioja. In fact, you’ll need to get off the mainland all together because this highly interesting wines comes from Mallorca of all places.

Secondly, this wine has a serious pedigree. Macia Batle is one of Mallorca’s most respected producers and the wine was given an honourable mention in the list of the most influential wines of the Year in El Mundo newspaper recently. When you consider the sheer number of Spanish wines this is a bit of a coup.

Anyway, on to the wine itself. This is a blend of Manto Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot with the Manto Negro contributing 55%. You get an immediate hint as to the complexity of this wine when you take an initial sniff. There’s a lovely whiff of the new French oak which the wine was aged in together with notes of cardamom and spice.

After a few glugs of this wine it continues to impress. It has a dark and brooding character with deep concentrated cherry and dark berry flavours and a subtle line of oak running through the wine. The finish lasts forever! There’s also a nice element of acidity to the wine too meaning it’d go nicely with a hearty red meat dish.

I’m a big fan of this wine and to be honest I sometimes struggle to love Spanish reds. If I were you I’d buy a couple of these, some to consume now and some to hang on to as I get the impression this will age very well indeed.

Find Wine have cleverly snaffled quite a few bottles of this but I genuinely don’t think they’ll hang around for long!