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Mike’s perfect sloegasm

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I have noticed the past couple of days that people have been complaining about the fact that summer is over and all that lies ahead is cold and miserable. For many September seems to be a miserable month as holidays are over and everyone must return to school. However September is by far and away my favourite month, closely followed by October. The weather is still warm (ish) but you can wander about outside for a few hours and come back looking windswept and interesting, the colours and countryside are at their most beautiful, you can forage, you can eat the best mushrooms around, in fact food generally is great at this time of year, plus the brunt of the shooting season gets into full swing!

There is so much going on in Autumn there is no excuse to be bored!

So get out of the house and get involved in something. Here is my suggestions for an otherwise dull autumnal Sunday. There is a very important harvest coming up…no it is not in Champagne…it is almost the time to start harvesting Sloe’s for this years vintage of Sloe Gin and it looks like it is going to a great one!

There is vast amount of debate about how to make the best Sloe Gin, I have never tried goggling it but I am sure there are many people out there with bits of hedge in their hair offering fantastic advice. To save you the hassle of reading through a blog that will also give you recipes to cure cancer with nettles I will provide you with my personal recipe, that always seems pretty shit hot.

If you make the mistake of asking someone with a beard about Sloe Gin they will insist that you never ever pick them before the first frost. Don’t listen, if you wait to the first frost you will no doubt find that the man with the beard has already picked all remaining fruit. However there is a tendency to pick them too early so wait until at least October then freeze them for a night.

Now here comes the technical bit!

Get a bit bottle, fill it half with sloes, work out the weight of sloes, then add that same weight of sugar. fill the bottle to the top with the cheapest gin you can find and put in a cupboard until Christmas.

At Christmas time remove the fruit from the liquid and you have Sloe Gin!

Now, by itself it is delicious, however I like to use it to make Sloegasms! This again is a pretty technical recipe…

Add a shot of Sloe Gin to Champagne! It is great and will definitely wake your guests up.

If you live in central London and don’t have access to a sloe’s then head to the country for a day and go on an adventure to find them!

I should really have my own channel 4 series!!