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Customers to Invest in North African Wineries

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Innovative online wine retailer FindWine ( <> ) has announced the launch of its latest consumer led initiative – The FindWine ‘Demons’.

Existing and new customers will have the opportunity, for a monthly subscription fee, to be part of the FindWine ‘Demons’ – a community of wine lovers who will be entitled to exclusive wines, preferential pricing and a pre-order system. The monthly subscription fee will be invested directly in independent winemakers who have previously been unable to gain a foothold in the UK market, bringing new and exclusive wines to the FindWine stable. ‘Demons’ will be able sip on their favourite new discovery, safe in the knowledge that they are supporting burgeoning winemakers from some of the world’s most exciting new wine regions.

Loosely modelled on the Naked Wines ‘Angels’ scheme, the initiative, which will launch later this year, will initially focus on bringing the emerging wineries of North Africa – Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria – to UK consumers. Historically unable to find a route to market, the scheme will allow winemakers in these regions to concentrate on what they do best – make wine, rather than having to fret over marketing, distribution and logistics.
All subscription fees generated will be transferred directly to the selected winemakers via FindWine’s Western Union account, with the retailer also looking to plough a proportion of its sales revenue into the scheme.

Commenting on the development, FindWine founder Mike Howes said: “I have the utmost respect for the Naked model – it obviously strikes a cord with consumers who act as quasi benefactors to their winemakers. Imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, and we just hope we can carve out our own niche in North Africa and benefit our customers as much as Naked have benefitted theirs.”

Howes continues: “We look forward to driving this initiative forward and letting our customers put the wines of North Africa firmly on the map. With all the current political unrest in North Africa we thought it was about time we gave something back to some the oldest wine making nations on earth. Jesus drank their wine, so why shouldn’t our customers!”