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Itchy Feet, Great for Wine Tasting

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

I had a lot of fun at university. One of the great advantages of “studying” in Edinburgh was living in massive georgian flat in the New Town, where we could throw glorious debauched dinner parties (I think 25 around our table was the record). Being blessed with a flatmate who had a farm that provided a years supply of beef, lamb and venison helped! If nothing else at university I learnt a lot about cooking for large groups, whilst slightly tipsy and how to dance on a rather flimsy wooden table.

I will be honest, these evening rarely provided me with revolutionary vinous experiences but they were probably some of the entertaining evenings I have ever had…Our countryside erotic themed dinner sticks very much in my mind!

Another fond memory of my time at Edinburgh was the amazing club nights put on by Itchy Feet Events. Therefore i was over the moon when I recently found out that the Dj’s from Itchy Feet have started to produce Podcasts of some of their mixes. If you do nothing else today go and download the first two. Episode 2 is my personal favourite so far. It is perfect to taste wine to!

These guys are awesome!

Who knows it might well provide the soundtrack when I try to recreate one of our dinner parties shortly.