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the big idea

Think of as your very helpful shop assistant who kindly recommends you fantastic wines every time you go and visit him. You will choose the right wine every time with our simple wine selector.

There is a huge amount of choice in the wine world and so we have given you a helping hand in trying to reduce that choice. We only sell 54 wines at any one time to make it easier for you to choose which one you want. But it should also encourage you to be adventerous with your choice, don’t be scared of trying new wines!

We buy small parcels of all of our wines, which help’s us find new and interesting wines for you. However it does mean there is often a limited quantity and therefore once it’s gone it’s gone. So as good as it might taste you have to trust us to replace it with something equally good.

Here are some slighty more in depth explanations of our styles. Click on them to view each description...

the story of find wine

It all began with a job interview years ago. Mike and John met in a wine stained office cluttered with cases of wine and tasting glasses in a notorious wine shop in North Yorkshire. Tomfoolery, drunkeness and record breaking Christmas sales followed but little did they know one day they would be running their own wine business together.

John and Mike went their separate ways. John disappeared into a very serious career in the wine trade, supplying wine to the great and the good of the North of England. And Mike drank a lot of wine!

A chance reminiscent text message led to a pint, which led to briefly working together again, which led to a dicussion about starting a wine business together. Six months later, Mike’s dog had destroyed the web designers’ studio, John finally admitted he could not tell between the coloured discs on the buying page and the pair set about adventuring and exploring the wine world to lay out the delicious treats you see before you.

This is it, please enjoy using the site and tell all your friends about how marvelous it is. Mike and John are currently undertaking the tireless process of choosing more wine for the website. If you want to ask them anyting, email them:,